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Fit4Duty founder Kelly Donovan with Senator Murray Sinclair

Fit4Duty Founder & President, Kelly Donovan, had been a police officer for 5 years when she witnessed corruption within her police service when conducting internal investigations.

In May, 2016, Kelly addressed her Police Services Board since they are the oversight body responsible for the effective management of the police service.

The issues Kelly addressed were not objectively or impartially investigated and she became the subject of the very corrupt internal investigation process she had originally addressed.

Over the next 14 months, Kelly contacted every government agency responsible for police oversight to draw attention to the reprisal she was now facing and no agency was willing to intervene.

What resulted from the 14 months of Kelly having to work at a desk in the basement of her police service was the birth of a passion to fix the current systems that limit ethical conduct and breed toxic workplace cultures. Fit4Duty - The Ethical Standard was born.​

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."
- Abraham Lincoln​​​

Kelly Donovan, Author

Systemic Misfeasance in Ontario Policing and the Coordinated Suppression of Whistleblowers

The paperback is available through Amazon for purchase.

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That all workplaces, whether corporate or government, meet The Ethical Standard.


To ensure no person ever has to sacrifice their integrity to maintain, or further, their employment, and those committing wrongdoings are impartially investigated.


  1. We will use surveys to gauge and monitor the climate of workplaces.
  2. We will assist in developing and evaluating policy to ensure that all members of the organization will be heard and understood. 
  3. We will train employees and management to ensure that expectations are known, respected and followed by all members of the organization.
  4. We will speak to community agencies, employees, and management to encourage ethical decision making.
  5. We will provide employees with an anonymous means of reporting internal issues, those issues will be investigated and employers will receive reports.