The Ethical Standard

Fit·4·Du·ty™ /fit·fôr·d(y)o͞odē/ adj


a state of ethical and moral integrity 

which enables the employee to perform the essential tasks 

of his or her work in a manner which does NOT threaten 

the ethical or moral integrity of anyone else

Are your People Fit4Duty?

Our goal

To improve The Ethical Standard of all workplaces in Canada and ensure that both employees and employers remain Fit4Duty.

What is The Ethical Standard

To meet The Ethical Standard workplaces must:

  1. have clear expectations and consistent policies.  
  2. have trusted channels for any person to do the right thing.  
  3. never require any person to ignore their conscience or alter their moral compass.
  4. reward, not punish, ethical conduct.
  5. treat employees like humans, not numbers.

How to meet or exceed The Ethical Standard:

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