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Kelly Donovan, Author


Kelly's First Book

This book is an essential textbook for modern policing in Ontario, and across Canada.  Kelly outlines how the police are policed, the current issues facing policing, how whistleblowers are treated in Canada, how we can change and breaks down current legislation.

Kelly uses examples from actual cases which are cited throughout the book for easy reference and further reading.

This is not a book about Kelly's opinions on policing.  This is a well-researched book that leaves little doubt that systemic misfeasance exists in Ontario policing.


“I am struck by the timing of Kelly’s book, it seems not a day passes without another high profile name or institution called out for their treatment of women or those who dare to question the status quo” This book should be required reading for every cadet and constable embarking on a career in law enforcement.  This book seems to confirm the old adage, “for evil to flourish, good men (and women) need to do nothing”

Chris Williams, Owner, Canadian Private Investigation Services Ltd.

"This book is the first great effort to highlight what's wrong with the current day policing culture. Many thanks to Kelly for having the courage and insight of putting all the many pieces together, creating a picture of the current threats of this bullying police culture that is so dangerous to our societies."

Inspector, Ontario Municipal Police Service

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