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Independent Workplace Reporting

Call it what you want...

A Whistleblower Program, an Ombudsman Program, and Tip-Line... Your employees expect that their complaints against other employees will be looked at and investigated by someone outside of the organization.


You may already be required to offer your employees an alternate reporting mechanism. 


Fit4Duty is a trusted solution for your workforce.  Our experienced investigators understand workplace culture, are victim-centric and understand that a holistic approach to workplace behaviour is required to improve overall organizational culture.

Having an effective, independent and impartial reporting line ensures stakeholder trust and improved overall organizational accountability and transparency.

Other Fit4Duty Services


Fit4Duty provides half and full-day training programs on Workplace Harassment, Ethical Leadership, Whistleblowing, Cannabis in the Workplace and Diversity.

Speaking Engagements

Fit4Duty has speakers across Canada who can be hired to speak about the current ethical climate and share their stories of courage and resiliency.


Let the experience of our team provide you, as an individual, or your organization with unmatched advice and guidance.