Workplace Training Programs

Workplace Management of Cannabis Legalization

Ensure your policies are prepared for the upcoming legalization of cannabis, and your staff can evaluate employees to establish suspicion of drug impairment.  This course will better prepare you for what is to come July, 2018.

Workplace Harassment

Everything from understanding how who we are will influence our success in handling complaints, to ensuring satisfaction in the complaints process to prevent systemic issues; this training can be tailored for employees or management.

Ethics, Authorities and Engagement for Board Members

Every board member will benefit from this training.  Fit4Duty tailors the curriculum to your particular industry ensuring that your board members are confident, competent and engaging.

Diversity 101

Why are NFL players "taking a knee?"  Why is Black Lives Matter so widely supported?  Why are Indigenous People of Canada not "over it?" Every employee in Canada must have a certain level of empathy, understanding and compassion for the struggles faced by those subjected to segregation and genocide.  This course puts the current issues front and centre and ensures that every participant leaves with a better level of understanding, empathy and compassion.  NEW! Fit4Duty brings you the screening of "In Jesus' Name - Shattering the Silence of St. Anne's Residential School" a documentary exposing the crimes committed against Indigenous children in Ontario from 1932 to 1976.

PTSD and Accommodation Challenges

This course helps participants better understand the breadth of challenges faced by those diagnosed with PTSD and how accommodating those diagnosed with the disearse will be unconventional, but necessary.