Whistleblower Programs


A whistleblower program allows employees to anonymously report misconduct, harassment or illegal activity which is investigated independently and if substantiated, reported to the agency head along with recommendations for resolution, (in simplest terms).


Every year, employee theft costs Canadian businesses about $1.4 billion dollars, according to Stephen O'Keefe, a retail advisor with the Retail Council of Canada, (2017 CBC article).


Fit4Duty can help you develop policy and provide training for the new program.  Once your secure online form goes live, employees, contractors, suppliers or customers can make reports or allegations of wrongdoing by one of your employees.

Problems Facing Employers

Workplace Harassment

You have an employee who is being harassed by their manager, but is reluctant to report it for fear of reprisal. Turnover starts increasing and morale drops.


You have a manager who regularly violates your code of conduct.  Other employees follow suit, believing they should do so to "fit in" and the ethical climate in your workplace deteriorates.


You have employees accepting bribes in exchange for concealing unethical or illegal activity.

Corrupt Practices

There is internal nepotism, cronyism and patronage.  Employees no longer feel appreciated. Turnover starts increasing and morale drops

Internal Thefts

Employees are making money on the side selling your material.  Your profit is declining, and you don't know why.

Losing Customers

Your customers are witnessing conduct that has them doing business elsewhere, and you'll never know.

How does it work?

Fit4Duty offers the only start to finish solution for corporate and government agencies.

Step 1

We can develop policy and training to introduce your employees to the new accountability platform.

We provide you with a secure link to provide to your employees through internal channels and make public on your company website.  Fit4Duty also posts this link on the www.fit4duty.ca page for employees, contractors, suppliers and customers to access.

Step 2

When a form is completed, a Fit4Duty investigator will attempt to substantiate the report.

Step 3

If the report is substantiated, a report is generated and provided to the business owner or oversight body.  Employees and customers can choose to remain anonymous throughout this process.  Fit4Duty will recommend a resolution.

Step 4

The business owner or oversight body receive periodic statistical reports on the usage or abandonment of the form, the breakdown of unsubstantiated reports and satisfaction of those making reports.